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About Strength in Numbers DC

Thanks to an amazing grant from The Wild Gifting Project, our nonprofit Strength in Numbers DC was formed in response to the ever-widening equity gap exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which disproportionately disrupted the educational experience

for historically marginalized students of color.


Strength in Numbers:

  • works during the school day, which maximizes access to all students in school

  • works with students who need both math remediation and math enrichment

  • works only individually or in very small groups to adhere to high-intensity tutoring guidelines 

  • works to reinforce number sense and fluency

  • works to show the inherent beauty of mathematical patterns

  • works to show the importance of math literacy and the urgency of math in a world devastated by climate change. 

By supporting Strength in Numbers DC, your contribution will do its part in addressing an educational system compromised by stubborn inequity rooted in systemic class and racial barriers.


"Ms. Hwu is truly exceptional, serving as an invaluable asset to our students at our school. She has a unique way of bringing mathematics to life, while simultaneously nurturing the social and emotional well-being of the students entrusted into her care. Ms. Hwu employs a wide array of effective teaching methods, including using manipulatives and using innovative strategies, to actively engage our scholars. Her efforts have played a pivotal role in our school's remarkable improvement in Math scores on the PARCC assessment. We are deeply fortunate to have her working with our 5th-grade scholars again this year."
- a Proud PrinciPAL in DCPS 

Our Goals

Provide strong math intervention to Title I schools (those that receive federal funds to aid the academic progress of low-income students)

Share the power of math competency with all students

Support elementary school kids on their path towards algebra

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