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Ongoing projects and programs!

At Strength in Numbers DC, we do plenty of worksheets (yep people -- it's public school!) but our driving passion is for ongoing hands-on projects that utilize math and leverage their interest in environmental justice (or ramen or football ...) to apply calculations that mean something to them. There's the long division algorithm ... and then there's PIE. 

Our projects

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Ongoing Programs

Here are some of the programs that Strength in Numbers DC does on a regular basis. 


Kung Fu

Okay, it's the least math-y thing that Strength in Numbers does. But it is a great way to get moving and connect with students, particularly those who are on the autistic spectrum.


Lunch Bunch

Students in pairs come for Lunch Bunch ramen ... but before they get to eat, we study the nutritional guidelines that talk about sodium content and tap into measurement conversions (milligrams to grams).


Annual Pi Day Celebration

In 2023, students hand-calculated the "pi" of different circles to see who could get the closest to the real value of pi. Then we ate PIE. 

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